*update on the meeting between KNSG and Labour*

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I was at the NLC-TUC-JNC joint state SEC emergency meeting today, which was staged to brief the larger house of the development arising from the negotiations between the govt and the labour unions.

I wish to let all of us know that, the state government has failed to respond favourably to the demands of labour as earlier posted in the last message. The government side is in disarray, claiming that if it pays the salary based on the 30,600 minimum wage bill, all that will be left to run government with is 6 million naira. In a move to destabilize workers and pensioners, the Govt decided to forward LG employees salaries (albeit with slashes) to all local governments, with payment to start immediately, despite the fact that the technical committee agreed with labour that salaries wont be paid.


1. If march salaries aren’t paid in full, according to the 30,600 MWB by 12:00am on 5th of April, there will be a warning strike that will last three days, from the 6th to the 9th.

2: the judiciary staff union of Nigeria, kano state chapter has already obtained a restraining order from the national industrial court, barring the state government from touching their members salary, the NLC will also do the same soon.

3: A joint communique has been adopted and signed by all members and affiliates, and the govt will be served tomorrow.

Thank you


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