An interview with the director-general of the Tinubu Support Management Council, Abdulmumin Jibrin, led to a back and forth as he repeatedly snubbed questions concerning Bola Tinubu’s source of wealth, cash-carrying bullion van and age.

Mr Jibrin, when asked about his principal’s source of wealth and the discrepancies around his age, said “this question you have just asked is part of what I have answered earlier. I think at this point that we have gotten to, our emphasis should be on the pedigree of this candidate..what he has achieved.”

He stressed that the focus should be on the presidential aspirant’s capacity and competence.

Again, he was asked ” how did Bola Tinubu make so much money that he had a bullion van in his home on election day. And how old is he?”

Mr Jibrin in his response said: “When you continue to repeat the question, you will get the same answer. These are all trash from the internet that people put together and we will not elevate such conversation.

“But when the campaign commences, we will bring out facts and figures before Nigerians but we will not create a narrative for them.”

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