By salisu lawal uli


If there is any project this administration pursues with vigour in it’s close to 6 years in office is the construction of speed bumps in virtually all roads in Katsina State with few exceptions. Trunks A , B, C and even township roads are not spared. This has even inspired some village communities to improvise clay speed bumps even on dirt roads.
Majority of ( Heavy duty trucks, Trailers, Lorries, Buses, Jeeps, Cars, Tricycles, Motorcycles and Bicycles) owners hardly pass between one month to three months without visiting a mechanic for repairs. This inconvenience has a negative impact on the motorists economically. Even the wear and tear of the vehicles may likely lead to reduce their life expectancy of vehicles.
The conveyance of the sick in ambulances may likely be delayed by these bumps and in conveying a sick person every minute is important. In some cases the condition of patients may be worsened as a result of that up and down on speed bumps.
Fire fighting vehicles are unnecessarily slowed down from reaching their point of call as a result of speed bumps.
One may argue that, speed bumps are constructed to prevent accidents. If that is the case why were the Speed Bumps from Katsina to Daura removed. Don’t the populace along that road have children and the aged crossing that road?
There have been record of cases where speed bumps caused the accidents they were meant to prevent. A request from one or two persons from a community for construction of speed bumps does not make the whole community in agreement.
The passion with which these bumps are being constructed everyday make me to even wonder whether communities are being contacted and opinions of the majority are being sought on these constructions.
Any community that cannot tame its animals, prevent their children from playing by the road side and guides its old in road crossings is not worthy of having that road.
In more advanced countries speed bumps are very rare:

” I have not seen speed bumps on the main roads of my city, a few other cities, but speed bumps are needed in shopping malls, hospitals, post offices. parking lots of office buildings, plant areas, etc to slow down the traffic for the pedestrians to cross for shopping.
In the city main roads & cross roads there are traffic lights & stop signs to slow down the traffic, for pedestrian crossing & vehicles to turn to go in different directions. Also there are speed limit postings like 40 MPH, 30 MPH, 25 MPH. If you violate the speed limits, you will be cited & get a ticket.
On highways, we have stop signs, traffic lights & at times a speed bumps. On freeways, no speed bumps, traffic lights or stop signs, but speed limits are posted. Likewise on on entry & exit ramps”-
Ram Hatti USA Citizen lives in California.

“I’ve seen articles here about Japanese trains being always on time; Japanese always forming a line instead of fighting to be the first; and waiting for the green light to cross the street even if there are no cars around. I was curious to know if there are speed bumps or Japanese people always obey the speed limit. I see this as a sign of civilized society. Thanks. ” — A visitor in Japan

In Saudi Arabia although very few speed bumps exist on their roads, road users can claim for damages as a result of car defect sustained from bumps or even potholes on their roads.

Although as at 2017 there are about 42, 000 speed bumps across the United kingdom, there are currently increasing debates to remove them, for they are a major Source of diesel and pms combustion pollution of the environment.

In Australia they hardly use speed bumps on major roads rather it is the use of speed humps which are made of rubber and less harmful. The use of speed limits is employed in controlling road users.

Speed Bumps are rare in China.

With the above items you will find out that at the time speed bumps are becoming outdated world over, it is then they are becoming more prominent in Nigeria and particularly in Katsina State.
Let us jettison them and embrace enforcement of speed limits and other traffic regulations, ticketing, pedestrian crossings, zebra crossings, traffic lighting, assessment of road worthiness of vehicles, use of road rubber humps where very necessary.
Uli is a former education secretary katsina local government. Katsina state. Currently vice chairman PDP katsina state.


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