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Kamilu lawal
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The acting area controller Katsina Area command of the Nigeria customs service(NCS) Mr,wada chedi has says customs officers are allowed by the law of the land to persue suspected smugglers even to their residence in search of smuggled goods
He stated this during an Interview with news men in katsina
According to him section 147 empowers custom officers to go and search premises once they have reasonable suspicion of a smuggling Item there
“Under a situation where we have a reliable Information from verifiable source we can go to premises to search for smuggling Items,” he said.
He further said section 149 allow them to stop and search a vehicle or a ship once they have an Intelligence report that some persons are carrying contraband goods
Mr,chedi who reiterated the command’s commitment in persuing smugglers to the uptimum level said their officers does not require any warrant to do their work,Insisting that customs officers can at any time stop and search a person once they have a reliable Information that one carries smuggling goods as they are empowered by section 150 in that regard
He however,affirmed the resolve of the command in ensuring that their officers abide by the rules and regulations while conducting their duties on any motorable routes
He said the command encourages relevant safety agencies to take appropriate action on any of their officers or driver found driving against traffic laws
It could be recalled that on Monday a customs officers accidentally run over many persons who were men and women that lost their lives and several others sustained various degrees of injury as a result of the Incident that occurred while the officers were persuing suspected smugglers as alleged
The incident which according to customs officials was caused by the break failure from the officer’s vehicle


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