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Special adviser agriculture katsina state The story of the Palliatives, Katsina State Perspectives.

by special adviser agriculture katsina state
The story of the Palliatives, Katsina State Perspectives.
Our palliatives started coming in from CA-COVID in July this year. We were supposed to warehoused 167 trucks meant for 67,000 families. Each family is suppose to get 10 kg of rice, 10kg of maize flour, one carton of plaster, two cartons of imdomie noodles, 5kg of sugar and 1kg of salt.
We were to receive all within one month, but as at middle of august we only had about 90 trucks.
Part of conditions given by the CA-COVID was that palliatives are to be distributed on full supply, launched and handed over to the State government by the CA-COVID. In that same august, they came and launched it with the promise of completing the supply in two weeks.
It lingered on to this month with no additional supply. Three weeks ago, my governor got impatient and asked us to distribute half of the supply.
We arranged to service six families per poling unit and this we did successfully. The palliatives were given to the following categories of people.:
1. Orphans
2. Females headed households
3. People with special needs
4. Poorest of the poor.
We saddled the responsibility of identifying these people according to the categories set to a team in each poling unit comprising of the followings:
1. Three respected elders in the community one of which chairs the team.
2. Village or ward head
3. Party chairman
4. Party women leader
5. Party youth leader
6. Community organization member
7. Izala Imam
8. Darika Imam
9. Community Social Development worker
10. Security agent.
They selected the beneficiaries with addresses and phone numbers.
The names were submitted to us and we constituted an independent verification team who randomly selected names and verified their suitability through phone calls and visits.
I can confirm that the exercise was carried out successfully. I was actually in tears when I saw women with orphans crying. A blind man that got the palliatives actually hugged and pray for me and the government, he said they had nothing to eat in the house for the last one month only depended on what they could get through begging. He had nine children and two wives. There were lots of similar pathetic stories that really awaken us on the real conditions of the people and the need to continue with similar program for the immediate and plan for a more sustainable food security arrangement. We scheduled to embark on the second phase of the remaining palliatives and the grains supplied by the Federal government which came while we were implementing the first phase of distribution. This was however put on hold due to the demonstrations and looting going on in the country.

I want to state that it’s callous to imaging that governors received these items and hoarded them, for what! State like Plateau started receiving their about three weeks ago and I guess it’s the same in many states.
The reason was that when CA-COVID, billionaires club in Nigeria, mobilize about N30billion to support the pandemic impact. It was suggested that if they are to purchase these food items from open market, will definitely cause inflation in the economy. They therefore gave the orders to the food manufacturing companies and these were overwhelmed to the extent that they couldn’t meet the deadline. That’s what caused the delay. Hope this gives an insight to the actual situation and not what is being narrated in the social media inciting people into rioting, looting and wanton destructions.

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