By Baban Haidar

Celebrating the birthday of Jesu Almasih became a tradition by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Yaqoub Zakzaky (H).

Various centres of the Movement celebrated the event yesterday which was believed to be the birthday of the Prophet Isa (as) according to the Islamic calenda.

In Katsina, Many pastors and their followers attended and allowed to share their own view about the great prophet of Allah that will as well make a second coming to assist the leader of the time (Sahibul Asr Wal zaman) Imam Mahdi (as) in changing the world equation from the terrible situation of disobedience to the God commandment to the a new world order full of obedience to Him.

The host Shaikh Yakub Yahaya Katsina make a keynote address while Pastor Aliyu E. Dabara from Gombe delivered his speech.

Both speakers recited various verses of the holy Quran and Bible revealling the birth and teachings of Jesus.

Other speakers that speaks in the event included Pastor Ayuba Dantani Manga of the Gospel Faith Mission, Marabar Kanya, Kafur L. G. A of Katsina State and Pastor Nuhu Mele Mashi among others.

All the speakers emphasized on unity and co-existance among the two faith and also sympatized with the illegal incaseration of Shaikh Zakzaky (H) and prayed for his immediate release as well as his wife Malama Zeenat Ibraheem.

The event was organized by the yourth forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of his eminence Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H), Katsina Chapter.


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