This article is a response to Maiwada Dammallam’s (MD) face book article of Sunday, 26th December, 2021 titled “Katsina State PDP: Clumsy as a ruling Party, Clumsier as the Opposition. MD’s entry in to politics dates back to somewhere around 2012 some nine years back. Even at that, not the field politics but rather the social media type of propaganda and deceit. As a civil servant in the pseudo garb of politics MD can’t lecture anyone on opposition politics particularly as it affects the field politics of the grassroots. MD you have posted times without number on social media platforms that you are not into politics, then how comes you suddenly become professional teacher of opposition politics? Hon. Salisu Yusuf Majigiri is heads and shoulders above you in politics. Hon Majigiri’s incursion and full political participation predates this fourth republic. He started his political carrier right from the Social Democratic Party? National Republican Convention (SDP/NRC) days. As a young man he was a political disciple of the duo of Late Shehu Yar’Adua and Late Umaru Yar‘Adua in the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and of course you know what that means; SDP was an opposition Party in Katsina State then. Opposition politics to Hon. Majigiri is not new. MD you are therefore not competent enough to lecture us on how we go about our opposition. The fact that you people are jittery just goes to show that our pattern of responsible and civil opposition is making an impact. We do not attack personalities, we don’t do campaign of calumny. Our opposition is issues based unlike that of propaganda lies and deceit, the pattern used by the APC while in opposition and still been used even in power.

In the third paragraph of your clumsiest article, out of mischief you were quick to point out that some quality and reputable politicians were marginalized in the PDP. This is being very economical with the truth. Nobody sidelined anybody for relevance. If you know politics very well you wouldn’t have made those assertions, because in politics you can’t go 100% without the voices of dissent. Go inwards and look at your own assumed party, the APC, after your congresses are there no voices of dissent all over the country and even in Katsina State? What is most important is to reach out to aggrieved parties and find ways of assuagement and this is a cardinal principle of the Peoples Democratic Party .
In paragraph four of your clumsiest article, you were challenging the PDP to compile a petition to the EFCC/ICPC against the APC administration in Katsina State instead of going over the radio wasting its facts. Let just make this clear to you, we do not take politics as a means of vendetta, settling old scores or anything, we are into responsible politics to move Katsina state forward. But I will ask you to advise your principals, that if they are sure they have governed Katsina state so well with utmost transparency and accountability then they should at the end of their tenure in the next five hundred and twenty days (520) submit themselves to the gates of EfCC/ ICPC in Abuja because there are volumes of petitions written by an APC member and one time sponsor of the party by the name Alhaji Mahdi Shehu before the anti-graft agencies.
The farther one goes through your article, the clumsier, for your information the Masari administration is not 5 years old like you have mentioned and advised Hon Majigiri to compile events in the last five years, the regime is already 6 years 7 seven months and nobody is interested in compiling anything, because what is there to compile?
For the avoidance of doubt, on the issue of an audio phone conversation clip, the person that made that audio clip through phone conversation has since retracted that audio and described it as a mere side gossip. However, you should also know that as former Chief of Staff of Governor Ibrahim Shema, Hon Majigiri succeeded him and not the other way round as you would want people to believe, so next time get your facts right before going to the public arena. Even if you are going for the mischief at least the facts should be clear.
MD on the court cases against our former Governor, you cannot discern anything for now, because the two cases are before the courts. So, inferring anything or making any blind analysis on these cases amounts to contempt of court. PDP is law abiding party which is conversant with the law and all courts processes, so we will not join issues with you in this respect.
Maiwada Dammallam, you like using words anyhow to describe people no matter how respected they are among their people. For describing Hon Majigiri as analogue simply because he did not give statistics on Katsina state APC administration borrowing and what accrues to it as internally generated revenue since its inception, goes further again to show your ignorance on the person of Hon Salisu Yusuf Majigiri. Because you can browse through the internet does not mean nobody else can. The phrases he used in Hausa were only to show the enormity of how much was borrowed by the state government and how much it got as revenue in the last 6 years 7 months. If the government had lived up to its promise of being accountable to the people (gwamnatin Kasawa a faifai), nobody even needs to be debating about figures.
On the issue of debts, since the coming of this administration myself and you have debated severally on this. The PDP is always ready to present the facts, that, it has not borrowed a single kobo in form of loan to run the affairs of state from 29th May, 1999 to 29th May, 2015. What Hon Majigiri is talking about is simple and comprehensible to all open minded people. He is only saying that in the 16 years of PDP administration in Katsina state, it did not borrow a single kobo. I don’t know what type of accounting you read, any time this issue is brought to the fore you keep mixing debt and loan. In government circles debt is a more general term including loans, liabilities and other financial obligations like counterpart funding a state is supposed to meet up with. You kept hammering about 11 billion naira outstanding gratuities for retired civil servants left by H E Ibrahim Shema administration as 29th May 2015. Let us assume it is true such amount was left as outstanding liability, however, the sum of 14 billion naira was left in various state bank accounts as at 29th May, 2015 which could have used to upset the retirees outstanding gratuities and even leave a balance of 3 billion Naira. I am certain just as you have been doing in the past, you would come to dispute this 14 billion naira left in the various bank accounts of the state government. Mr. digital MD while coming back to dispute this, publish bank statement of accounts of all Katsina state bank accounts as at 29th May, 2015.
In another part of your clumsiest article, on the comment made by Hon. Majigiri on building an underpass bridge by the Masari administration, Hon. Majigiri’s view on the inability of the APC/Masari administration to successfully construct a strong structure of a bridge that would stand the test of time is hinged on the fact that:
1. It took this administration six and a half years to put up a round about at the new motor park junction.
2. There are still some road projects started by this government in the last 5 years but yet to be completed, like Kankia -Dangamau – Kusada Rd (16.6 km), Kafur- Gaurai – Bugawa – Sabonlayi -Kagara- Mahuta rd (28km),
Rimaye – Sukuntuni – Karaduwa road (20.8km) etc there are others whose construction work was stalled on the premise of insecurity.
3. The slow pace (6 years) with which some 200-housing units were constructed at the premises of the Federal Medical Centre
4. The slow pace (6 years seven month) with which renovation work of some general hospitals is being carried out.
5. The slow pace of Ajiwa water works(6 years) even when the governor is adjourned to be expert in water works.
All theses and many more are the reasons which the state PDP chairman opined that the Underpass bridge which requires more engineering work is a farce. Did you ever care to x-ray the 42 or so km ring road constructed to ease flow of traffic in the city of Katsina. Imagine the absence of the ring road, what fate would have befallen Katsina City with this slow pace of construction work of the supposed underpass bridge in which the major gateway to the city is blocked.

On your alleged, new government house (Gidan Al-Umma) built by the PDP Government of Ibrahim Shehu Shema as a wasteful venture, before the government of Barrister Ibrahim Shema built the New Katsina state government house, did you ever care to check what it did in the housing sector; building of 500 housing units at Barhim (Sarki Dikko housing estate), 250 housing units at Fatima Shema Housing Estate, 272 housing Units at Makera (Sarki AbduRRahman housin estate), 510 housing units as Sardauna Estate and 1,020 housing units spread in the 34 local government area headquarters of the state (30 each per LG). If you think Barrister Ibrahim Shema built the new government house for his comfort, MD you are wrong, because the new government house was commissioned in 2014, a year to the expiration of the tenure of his administration. He just spent a year in the new government house. The new government house project is a response to an improved environment to enhance efficiency and create conducive atmosphere for government in Katsina State which your APC administration is the major beneficiary for now.
When Hon Majigiri mentioned the issue of water shortage in Katsina metropolis, you were quick to point out that a lot of money has been sunk in Ajiwa water works by this administration to provide water to the state capital and you even added the Zobe water supply scheme in this claim. The issue is despite the huge expenditure made for the Ajiwa and Zobe water works, where is the water? Dutsinma, Karofi, Kafinsoli, Kankia, Kurfi and Katsina the areas which the Zobe water scheme is meant to serve are still suffering from water shortages. You may need to go to these areas and see for yourself.
On the Dams you mentioned under construction, Hon. Majigiri is only concerned with completed projects. Tell your people to complete these projects and commission them before they leave, then Hon. Majigiri and the PDP would acknowledge them.
Finally, in the last part of your clumsiest article ever, you insinuated that, that Hon. Majigiri is obsessed with irritating idea of inviting Masari to imitate the two previous administrations of the PDP by building institutions like Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University Katsina and the Orthopedic Hospital, what is wrong in such imitations. Are the projects not worthy of replication in other parts of the state where there are demands? Take for instance the state university, the Katsina South Senatorial District (Funtua) has been yearning for a university to cater for the increasing quest for tertiary education for its young men and women. This agitation for a university has been there for long, why not establish one there. It is on record that states like, Ogun has three government owned universities; one federal two owned by the state, and ten private, Edo State has three government owned (one federal, two state, four private), Osun state has one federal, one state and seven private, Oyo has one federal two state and 4 private, kano State has one federal two state and one private. What is wrong therefore in Katsina state having one more additional university. What is wrong in replicating another Children and Maternal Hospital in the Southern Senatorial District? like the Turai Yar’Adua Chidren and Maternal Hospital.
It is my ardent belief that, from now on you should appreciate that, when PDP was in the governance of Katsina state it was dexterous and in opposition now it is meticulous.
Happy reading .


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