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“My political career ends with the governorship of Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari”…..Muntari Lawal

The opening caption above is his replay to us when we proposed to him to aspire for governorship race in 2019. His closing remarks instilled hope and high, big dream for many of us who paid the visit then.

The least a lay man would say about this man was the ‘revealier of secret’ report he compiled about the 2018 hajj exercise, being the year’s Amirul Hajj. Top government officials, the other committee members and all involved in that year’s hajj exercise were shocked by contents of the report, in fact the political analysts described it as the first, and probably, the last of its kind

A seating top government official, holding the position of permanant secretary government house then, entrusted with such a juicy responsibility, a trust some would buy with their money through lobbying, countless follow ups, begging and bowing, he was given the stalk, yet he submitted such a revealing report. The report was made public, clearing the misunderstandings of many about him.

The one time commissioner of Education during the late Yar’adua’s regime, the ardent advocate of Governor Masari, earned the trust of his political boss Masari, thank to the leadership style and expertise with which he handled the education sector during that time. He letf behind many initiations upon which subsequent commissioners build on theirs to date.

Satisfied with his trust and unshaking loyalty, he was made chief of staff, government house by his excellency Rt. Hon. Aminu Masari, his political heroe, the one who categorically told us, when we wanted him to have run for governorship race in 2019 that “my political career ends with the governorship of Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari” . So, “I would not be contesting” , he said. This replay still rings in my ears for its magnitude.

Muntari Lawal seems to lay man as No person, and unapproacable especially to those who never go close to him. But down to earth, as they say, he is. To simplify it, he is humble and yes-man to those who have either personal or official issue with his office. In fact, it is his discipline and his approach to issues that make him feared by many, especially the miscreants and of course the corrupts.

I personally held misunderstood view about him, on getting closer to him I became hearbroken, my mindset changed. And such is life, people misunderstand others simply, sometimes, because they discuss them from far, not coming closer to them. So also many politicians are in this suite, you backbite them, holding misconstrued view about them, because you never have them closed to you, not even talking with him. Muntari Lawal is one of them!

The Katsina, Himata (popularly known as Filin Bugu) born politician is no nonsense and inaccessible man to corrupt elements and greedy government officials, hence portraying him as such to the general public, this may not have unconnection with perspective from which people looked him. Corrupt elements have no access to his office; they do not go near to it. To ternish him, they call him names, none of the defames make tangible impact; making hey while the sun shines !

He listens, assist and advice accordingly. He is hardly seen talking any how, or roaming offices where he has no duty in. But he listens to those having issues with his office, especially his subordinates, assist them where necessary and advise even the governor in times of confusing and giving up hopes. I am a living testimony to this fact, for I happened to have met him accidently during my NCE days at Isa Kaita College of Education, Dutsinma, and that was around 2004. He was then the commissioner of Education.

The second time I came close to him sparked off my political struggle. He gave me hope, motivating me to start nursing political ambition. He said “instead of asking me to aspire for governorship race, you too can aspire for same” The same response the SGS told us in 2018, in a buid up to 2019. From then upward, the struggles started. And this was his closing remarks.

He is feared by many and loved by many more. He discharges his duty with expertise and not afraid of being leveled names, once it is his office’s mandate. He operates within the boundry of the law esterblishing his office. This endeared him to his boss, Masari, and it might be the braind behind his elevation to the position of chief of staff from permanant secretary government house.

Since he joined politics, he has been moving in ascernding order. The narration above says everything about him, history is there for reference purpose for those in doubt. Alternatively, he can author for his political journey himself, since he is still alive, shaming the character defamers !

This is the Muntari Lawal many viewed politically akwardly. It is mostly when one is not in the position that his actuality speaks for him. Time is just and always does justice to every one, not the history which is often distored and changed unjustly by others.

Musa Bello Galadanchi

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