Meat, Tomatoes And Onions Prices Triple As Food Scarcity Looms In Awka

By Emmanuel Okonkwo (ABS Reporter)

Residents and fresh food dealers in Awka and its environs are experiencing difficult times as the recent restriction on food supply to southern Nigeria by northern traders hits Anambra State.

An ABS observation during visits to Eke Awka Market, Kwata Market (a popular meat market in Awka), Garki Market, Amansea, saw both traders and buyers lamenting on the skyrocketed prices of fresh food and animals.

At the popular and ever-busy Garki abattoir, Amansea and Kwata Markets, it was observed that almost all the tables in the markets were empty, and few sellers in the markets sale way above the original prices.

At Eke-Awka market, the ABS discovered that a basket of Tomatoes sold at three thousand naira as at last week is now twenty-five thousand naira, and basket of pepper sold for four thousand naira last week is presently fifteen thousand naira.

Tubbers of yam sold for six hundred naira is now eight hundred and above.

Recall that last week, Northern traders alongside some northern groups imposed sanction on supply of foods and cattle to southern part of the country as a result of farmers-herdsmen crisis across some southern states of the country.


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