KATSINA RECORDS REDUCTION OF BANDITRY…secretary to state government

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Alh. Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa, Secretary to the government of the state says, statistics have shown a drastic reduction of banditry, kidnapping and cattle rustling activities following the imposition of security challenge order in Katsina State.

Mustapha Muhammad Inuwa dropped the hint at a conference on Security Challenges Containment order.

He said, for the period July/August, 2021, there was a total of 173 reported kidnap incidents affecting 475 persons; whereas for September/October, 2021, sixty one kidnap incidents occured with 2021 victims.

“Banditry cases for the same corresponding periods were 97 incidents for July/August, 2021 with 130 deaths and 57 injured; and 56 incidents for September/October, 2021 with 83 deaths and 58 injured. He added.

Inuwa revealed that, from July/August, 2021, about 1347 cows; 345 sheep; 119 goats; and 13 donkeys were rustled.

However, from March to September 2021, 42 suspects were under investigation and 216 prosecuted. Also, from September to date, 244 suspects were arrested, 33 under investigation; 80 were under prosecution.

He highlighted that, the containment order has been strategically adopted to curb insecurity confronting the state, enjoining citizens to give government maximum cooperation through reporting activities of informants and people with suspicious characters to law enforcement agencies.

He explained that, the order was not been in place to hurt or cause hardship to citizens but to arrest the emerging situation that was becoming a threat to peace, order and collective well being of the people.
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