Katsina APC Chairmanship: who the cap fits? by Mubarak M.B Akilu

 Katsina APC Chairmanship: who the cap fits? by Mubarak M.B Akilu

POLITICS DIGEST– Political party chairmanship position especially in the state level, is a sensitive post that determine the success or otherwise of elections in any state.

In fact, the ability of a party to win election hands down lies in the ability and calculative analysis of a state party chairman, who is in turn consider the shaker and mover of party’s activities in the state.

Thus, looking at the sensitivity and critical nature of the post, politicians across party line pays much attention to it in order to determine the credible and skillful candidate that can man the party squarely for effective and efficient leadership which is capable of taken the party to a landslide victory.

Katsina state APC like any other party in other states of the nation is facing a lot of internal crisis plus the 2023 general election saga.

One might not hesitate to ask question such as, how can APC win the forthcoming election in this state with these broad issues on ground?

To fully address these issues, I think the best thing to do is for the Katsina APC to have a matured and credible leader with vast political experience alongside requisite political credentials such as Bala Abu Musawa. It’s no longer a news that considering his beautiful political antecedents, Bala Abu Musawa can do all it takes to fix every single problem of the party once and for all; and can undoubtedly take the party to another round of victory come 2023, insha Allah.

Bala Abu Musawa is currently the APC zonal vice chairman, Funtua zone. The result of his hard work dedication and determination in managing the affairs of the party in his capacity as vice chairman of the party has succeeded in prompting the APC massive support of the electorates which gave it victory in the zone during the 2019 general election.

His zone has produced the senator with the second largest votes in the whole country during the last election. It’s interesting to know that, this is because of his doggedness and his ability to give the party a good sense of direction that is generally remarkable.

He is one of the finest political icon that any political party can be proud of. He is such proactive, intelligent, famous, focused, fearless, dedicated and committed to the needs of his party/people all the times.

It’s evidently clear that Bala Abu Musawa is among the few prominent politicians in Katsina state that is always in touch with the people of his state at the grass root.

His level of diplomacy in handling critical issues that can tear the APC apart in many apparent instances has earned him the imperative credentials that is second to none in Funtua zone and Katsina state at large.

Subsequently, looking at the good qualities of this great personality, one may wish to state it clearly that, of all those seeking to head the chairmanship position of APC in the state, there is no one that is reasonably qualified and WHOSE HEAD CAN PEACEFULLY FIT THE CAP OF Katsina state APC chairmanship position in all angles other than Bala Abu Musawa. This is because, a person of his pedigree and caliber will be an asset in attracting hundreds of thousands members of oppositions into APC where it can trip to victory without any setback.

In view of the foregoing, the APC family in the entire Katsina state is unconditionally and unanimously appealing to the executive governor of Katsina state, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari (Matawallen Hausa) to endorse and finally accept the appointment of Bala Abu Musawa as substantive Katsina state APC chairman party.

Permit me to categorically assert the fact to his Excellency that Bala Abu Musawa will give the APC the needed leadership where unity, progress and development in the party will be achieved. And his Excellency will not in any way regret the appointment of this amazing personality to that very position.

Long life Rt. Aminu Bello Masari

Long life APC family

Long life Bala Abu Musawa



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