Iran: US, France must stop sending weapons to Middle East

The Islamic Republic of Iran has called on the United States and the West to end trade and supply of weapons to the Middle East.

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Jawwad Zarif, has said that if the United States and the West are serious about arms embargoes, they will have to suspend trade and supply to the Middle East. arms.

Mr Zarif said the United States and France, in particular, had a reputation for trading billions of dollars in arms to the Middle East, which is at war with the Palestinians and Yemen.

About 25 percent of the world’s weapons are imported or sold in the Middle East, Iran’s foreign minister has said.

On the other hand, in response to a question about the US-Iran dispute over the Iran nuclear deal, M. Zarif reiterated that there was no need to renegotiate the deal, saying that the United States had failed to deliver on its promises, and that According to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, if the United States lifts the sanctions, there will be no problem and Iran will respect the agreement.


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