May we Know who is Ibrahim Mudi Kurfi please?

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I am Ibrahim Mudi Kurfi, born at Kurfi, precisely in 4th March 1958. I did my primary school there at Kurfi, I got admission into Rimi college Kaduna, then called Saint Christopher’s college. After our two year program, form 1 and 2, then we did an aptitude test,be were transferred to teacher’s college Manchok teachers college now in Kaduna state. That was 1976 after our completion of one year i.e form 3 we went for one year teaching practice, we went back For form 4 and 5, we graduated in June 1980. After that, I personally got employment with Dutsinma Local Govt authority and I was posted to KURFI primary school, I thought there for only one year during which I have applied to some institutions including this Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic, Bayero university, Federal college of education and likewise in
Ahmadu Bello University Kongo to read a diploma. Fortunately for me the first admission that came out, out of this four institutions I have applied was federal college of education but not Katsina. I was posted to Federal college of education Zungeru to read agriculture double major, God so made it before I went my admission for a four year program came out from Bayero university Kano. I therefore switched on to Bayero university KANO in 1981 for a one year pre-degree program, there after we completed the four years program in 1985, I went for service in 1986, after service I started teaching at Federal college of education Katsina, teaching the remedials programs, while I was there I was called for an interview in this Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic, that was in April 1987 and I got appointment just a month after in May 1987. I have here all this while, while within the period after my first degree, I went for my masters degree in Ahmadu Bello University to read Public Administration which I find online with the department I was employed here. I completed the in 1992, I came back here to continue my teaching profession. Though I delayed my going back for my Doctorate degree, but God so made it, in 2007 I applied for my PHD, I completed in 2015. Up to this moment I have been teaching at this institution. Although within the period, I held a number of positions especially the head of department for almost 11yrs. I was acting Director college of Administration and Management studies for some years before becoming Director of the college, from there I was appointed the Rector Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic in December 2016 which I finished my term in December 2020 but graciously the Governor of Katsina state Rt. Hon Aminu Bello Masari saw it fit for me to renew my appointment and my appointment was renewed for another four years which I hope if alive to complete in December 2024.
Q. When you took over Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic as rector, what challenges have you met?

When I took over precisely, some of the lingering issues when the former rector left was the issue of accreditation. That is a number of programs were there started as diploma programs, National Diploma programs but they have not graduated to come back for Higher National Diploma. So this was the major problem and when I took over that was what was really on my mind. I tried to make sure that all programs especially those at National Diploma were accredited for higher National Diploma and we did one in 2017 and just of recent, I think February 2021 this year, that this year we have another resource verification accreditation of five programs. And even within the period we had other programs for resource verification inspection and we have those for reaccreditation which are even over due especially When you go to management, most of the programs we have 23 programs which are almost due for accreditation and we have applied to the NBTE for all these programs. We did the other ones, resource verification, now resource inspection of 8 programs which we even anticipated they will come today 17th but because of their own issues at the NBTE they could not come. They called that the accreditation could not take place. They said they will come along with that of accreditation of 23 programs. So in short, in the next couple of month we will have resource verification and accreditation of almost 28 programs hopefully probably after Sallah, we are going to host over 100 resource person from the NBTE. So this was the problem I met and this the effort I am trying to make, to make sure that all our programs that have started with National Diploma are now running Higher National Diploma, programs like architectural technology, it has been there for years, more than ten years but there is no HND, they will come for that, there is library and information science which they have been operating with no higher National Diploma, likewise Computer science they have been operating at National level with no Higher National Diploma, likewise Agricultural technology they have been operating at National Diploma level but there is no Higher National Diploma, then a newly introduced National Diploma Banking and Finance this resource inspection were conducted last month and we hope to receive a positive response. So with regards to these programs for HND we hope to even advertise before we commenced our admission for these programs including the National Diploma for Banking and Finance.
Q. How many students do you have here in Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic and is their any problem for cultism, exam malpractice, indiscipline and so on.

These are some social educational problems which of course are happening in almost all the institutions only in that in Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic we are experiencing traces of cultism but we are doing the best we can, the students affairs officer is there doing his best likewise our chief security officer is doing his best, putting heads together with the management so we do away the issue of cultism. This culture which is probably known in the other parts of the country in other institutions, but go Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic sincerely speaking we have experiencing a mild one, and we have been taken the right measure to stop that. Then the major problem is examination malpractice, this we have been sensitizing the students, examination malpractice is a disturbing problem to not only Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic but all the institutions in this country. Why because, if students involves themselves in examination malpractice definitely the quality of what they learned in class cannot be put into practice, why because they were not in the class, they have not read, they have not probably gone for the lectures, so the only option is for them to come up with some written documents or sometimes they use their phones to snap notes and they go with it in the examination hall and copy there. And our law provides that any students who is found to be involved in examination malpractice is outright rustication, he will be sent out of the polytechnic for complete one year, he has to repeat the year, so is better for them to even read, write and fail the course unit than repeating the whole program but they cannot understand that. In fact we have been doing that any time we are having matriculation we invite those who know the process of examination, they tell them what they are supposed to do but all in vain, we preach them in the mosque, anywhere we find a place even in the classrooms teacher’s tell them not to get involved in examination malpractice but Al the same you find out that those who feel they can’t compare, so they will have to for examination malpractice. The number of students as far as Polytechnic is concern we have more than 5000 students and we hope probably, with the next session to begin any time, in probably may June the number will increase.
Q. How far have you gone in digitizing the education of the polytechnic with regards to Covid 19 pandemic that led to online classes adopted by some higher institutions?
We are in the process of preparing to go into this digitalization, why because now the experience of this Covid 19 of course forced the education sector to come up with another method of teaching why because like what is happening with us especially within Katsina State and some other States you find that if you didn’t come up with another method of teaching from home, then education will get into a coma, therefore, you have to find a means of teaching our students from home. While they are home we are in our classes we can teach them, we are in our offices we can teach them, we are in our homes we can teach them. So we are making this preparations to see that we joined the cue of those who have started. We are in the process.
Q. What is your worry over the recent access of 3 month, 9 Month which our students used go outside the country and get
This sharp sharp degree which our students probably go and get, we have just 3 cases but not many, but not form our lecturers. But insofar it has been accredited by the Federal ministry of education, though I have heard that the NYSC has given a circular that they will never tolerate those with three month degree program. It is then outside the country. I hope those who matter in education will see to it that it has stopped. Even stopping the other countries or students going, even if they bring their certificate it Should not be recognized.
Q. What measures are you taking in not employing somebody with quake degree?
How do you employ somebody with such a degree while if he comes he will not be able to do the needful of him as a lecturer.
Q. What is you Vision, anv wishes before you finish your tenure?
My major vision and hope is to see that this polytechnic introduced more programs as polytechnic institution. Whereby our issue of unemployment can be reduced. Polytechnic education is the only sector that can provide self employment. If you under go the polytechnic system I assure you unless if someone is lazy but there are so many ways in which one will be able to stand on himself. There are Number of businesses and trades which you can learn. Just of recent, some NYSC members where honored by the president, one of them was a student here, who did Quantity Surveying, did his NYSC at Benue state private polytechnic, if you see what he has done as a youth corper there, they even appreciated him and that was the reason why he was picked as one of the National honors recievers. Six years after he finished his NYSC, he was honored. In fact I appreciated when he showed me what he did while in Benue state. Sincerely speaking, polytechnic education surpassed the education university because university education produces theoretical graduates but here is the issue of practicals, if you go to the college of science and technology you will see the practicals produced by our students. My ambition is to see more programs are introduced which are not operated here in the polytechnic which our sons and grand children will benefit from also to make sure all the programs that started at National Diploma starts operating the HND.
Q. How old is the institution?
The institution started in 1976 with Cass situated in Zaria.
I have a cordial relationship with the government and the host community.
Q. How are taking care of the Staff welfare?
If you can allow Staff to further there studies you have no problem with them in both academic and non-academic Staff. So we receive assistance from tetfund and state government and what will even surprise you is that most of our staff would want to go outside the country to do their programs where little finances are allocated by tetfund. But as far as internal within the country we have balances but people wouldn’twant to go for studies within. Secondly, in terms of salary we are not the one doing our salary is the state government, and you know since the coming of this government in 2015 no month pass which there was no salary. We have a good understanding with staff of the polytechnic, state government and host Community.


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