Iñnalillahi Wa’inna’ilahi Raji’un.

Yesterday, at about 08:40pm, my second wife, received a call from unknown number 09162945571, asking her the owner of the phone. She answered the caller, that, it’s her phone. He then asked her, where is Sarki? She answered him, he is not around. The person instructed her, to tell me, they will come with 20 motorcycles to kidnap me, if they did not meet me, they will go with her. At that time, I was outside the house. She immediately called me and informed me and gave me the number. I called the person and was telling me that, he was not the person that called, it was a boy that made the call, as such, he is apologizing for the mistake. At about 09:00pm, I reported to the Nigeria Police Force Safana Division. The DPO, received the number and despatched his officers to my house throughout the night. Also, at about 11:40pm, the same person, called my wife, when she refused to pick the call, he then called me, when I picked, he switched off the phone, which I also informed the police.

At this juncture, I need more prayers and advice.
Thank you for the concern.

Professor Bashir Aliyu Sallau, Sarkin Askar Yariman Katsina Hakimin Safana.


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