Yoruba secessionist Sunday Igboho has vowed to go on with a major rally of separatist agitators scheduled to hold in Lagos on Saturday, notwithstanding the threats by Nigeria security agencies.

Igboho made the comments after operatives of the State Security Services raided his residence, killed two people, arrested others and accused him of planning a “violent insurrection against Nigeria.”

The secret police also declared him wanted and alleged that illegal arms including seven AK-47 rifles and thousands of ammunition were recovered from his residence.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, also issued warning to Igboho on the planned rally, stating that “on no account will any actual or rumoured activities including the said planned mega rally be allowed to lockdown the state or hinder normal daily activities of the good people of Lagos State.”

But Igboho who spoke through his spokesperson, Oluyomi Koiki, vowed that the protest would hold as scheduled.

“I can still confirm officially that the Lagos rally in as much as whatever news or rumours you’ve been listening to from different outlets, will go as planned,” he said.

“The 3rd of July mega rally will go as planned. All arrangements for the rally have been planned and nothing has changed.

“I have spoken to the organisers, nothing has changed so far. 3rd of July from exactly 9:00 a.m. in the morning. The whole arrangement and planning is going on.”

Mr Koiki also stated that efforts were in place for the release of those detained by the SSS.

“I’ve spoken with the general secretary of Ilana Omo Odua, George Akinola, and also in the early hours before noon, I spoke with Banji Akintoye and he is working tirelessly for the release of those taken away.

“The rally in Lagos is going to be a peaceful rally, it is going to be a mega rally, do not be disturbed about what happened. So much development took place at Igboho’s house.

“We might get a form of video from Igboho about the Lagos rally, which might be released, we’ll be deciding that in the next 24 hours.”

“He (Igboho) asked me to tell you all, not to be weighed down about what happened, he is standing with the Yoruba Nation agenda,” he said.


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