My good friend from Kano sent me a message on the mobile phone asking me how my business has been affected since the commencement of the construction of the Kofar Kaura underpass, and my response was that I am finding it extremely difficult, times have been really hard, and we the business owners on this street are in a very difficult situation. I am the oldest tenant in the area ,since 2000.

Even as the road has been blocked, my friends still come to my office,on solidarity .and they have to park their vehicles at a distance, then trek down to my office to express their heart-felt sympathy over the injustice to which I and other business owners were subjected.

My associates, my students, people who come for consultations and people seeking assistance still come to meet me at the office

We are still operating from this premises before the contractors begin scraping the road, at which point we will have no option but to suspend all our business activities and personal and official engagements.

When will they start scraping the road? We don’t know because the consultants and contractors handling the project do not know the value and rights of human beings, and I wonder if they also don’t know constitutional provisions and the protocol involved in commencing a project of such magnitude!

Or probably the company feels it has the backing of strong godfathers that make them feel they don’t need to follow the rules of engagement.

You would just wake up and see them working on the road along your house or office without any form of notice or consultation.

The household of late Alhaji Maikudi Abdullahi just woke up in the morning and found the main entrance to their house blocked. Up to this moment nobody has contacted them. The household consists of eight houses and over forty women and children.

However, i have taken it upon myself to fight for my own right. Struggle flows in my blood, and I have already started by taking the first step. Whatever I will do in the course of fighting for my right will be done according to law, order and constitutional provisions.

I hereby seek your prayers and support.


Mohd Danjuma Katsina
MD Matasa Media Links
Publisher of an Online Newspapers
and Magazine


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