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BEFORE APC GO OFF THE ROAD — Maiwada Dammallam

Maiwada Dammallam Wrote:

I unequivocally condemned the insensitive display of opulence as captured in Port Harcourt during the wedding of the daughter of former President Jonathan. On that basis and similar disconnection with the Nigerian reality by the PDP and its movers and shakers, I campaigned vigorously to send PDP out of power and simultaneously campaigned for APC to achieve power relying on promises by stalwarts of the party that Nigerians will never again be exposed to such crass insensitivity and avoidable disconnection with the masses.

That the Nigerian situation, even if better than it was during PDP, is still not good enough to accommodate unnecessarily extravagant tendencies like this, I have no moral right not to condemn an almost identical and very avoidable gaffe that happened in Kano today during the wedding of the son of President Buhari. Self-moderation is key to the survivability of the APC. Built on the basis of trust and fair appreciation of the inapplicability of the adopted values on which Nigeria was forced to operate with in the last two decades almost leading to its untimely death, leaders of the APC should have learn few things from the fate of the PDP and respect for public sensibility should have being on top of its priority list.


It has always been my opinion that leaders should just not endanger their connectivity to the masses by being careless with public perception. Every administration could afford to paint Nigeria red during significant personal moments of no national relevance with the exception of the APC. APC is far from any administration. Its covenant with the Nigerian masses was written with no room for error and the slightest could be fatal. This administration built its relationship with Nigerians on the basis of changing the way we do things by changing the lenses through which both leaders and the led see and understand things.


APC taught Nigerians to see leadership as sacrifice and a serious business guided by patriotism, moral impeccability and enforced by self-denial. Any sign of implementation fatigue of these rules by leaders of the APC is akin to changing the rules in the middle of game and of course, a quick way of ending the beautiful marriage between APC and the Nigerian masses. And APC should keep at the bottom of its mind that, PDP may be the first to suffer the anger of Nigerian voters in the unforgiving manner it did in 2015 but certainly, it’s not going to be the last. The more political parties deviate from the terms and conditions of their relationship with the masses, the more the masses will insist on the supremacy of their votes as the decider in this affair as they were taught by the APC.


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