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After Shitu came Sani………..

It just happened. He suddenly emerged like a death, no one anticipated it. His name was named the consensus candidate for the Chairman slot. Not believed his ears, he remained seated, schocked, motionless on his seat

He never dreamed of becoming the chairman that he might have struggled, lobbied and begged for it, however it finally clutched his unprepared acceptance, forcing him answer the tittle ‘Katsina State APC chairman’

Prior to that wednesday caucaus convened by the party stakeholders, he answer his hithertor ordinary rank, secretary, shortly afterward, while sitting behind the front chairs of the party stalwarts, he could not believe what he heard! He cleared his ears, still the echo repeated. He pretended not to have heard the pronoucement, but the silence that greeted the gathering reaffirmed what he unbelievably heard. He was anornimously chosen as the consensu Katsina State APC chairman!

Coming out from the venue of the meeting half-believing and partly surprising, he rushed fearfully to the now his turned surbodinate, his former boss, the former chairman, Malam Shitu S. Shitu now the occupant of his former rank, state APC secretary for his guidence, advice and support due to his vast experience, being the former occupant of the chair. What a sudden turn of event !

The incumbent chairman, Alh. Sani Aliyu hails from Daura zone. He has been the APC state secretary from 2015 to 16 Octorber, 2021 when he assumed the mantle of leadership of State APC chairman

The circumstances that culminated into his election as the State APC chairman were his patience, policy of neutrality in all issues not dragged into, dedication and hardworking with which he ran his office as secretary and above all, the blessings of his parents are facts that all and sundry testified to

You are ‘harmless’ ! This is the adjective His excellency Rt. Honourable Aminu Bello Masari, the executive Governor of Katsina State has described him with. He is the first and probably the last, to be qualified/addressed thus. I never heard the word being ascribed to anybody else by the Governor before. I salute you and the process leading to your emergence as APC chairman

A fact that ponited to the general acceptablity of your candidature by the party faithful was peaceful atmosphere with which the congress that saw you clinched the exalted chair was conducted. This was coloured further by the fantastic turn out, total absent of grievances from across the three zones and the good faith with which political analysts viewed the 16 October 2021 historic congress.

No revolt, no faction resulted, neither from within nor from outside; everybody was expressing optimism and saying congratulation to the new chairman, hoping for a tolerant, accomadative and all- inclusive leadership which will restore hopes, mend the cracks and esterblish justice and allow a fair play during the forthcoming APC primaries in a build up to the 2023 general election in the country.

This is the wishes and yearnings of all APC followers and the entire electorates. We therefore wish you well and a hitch- free tenure. May you discharge your duty as spelt out by the constitution of our great party and in accordance to the wishes of the masses so that good leaders will in the finality clinch power in the coming political dispensation from top to bottom.

The courage and doggedness of Malam Shitu S. Shitu, the former APC chairman !

What a fortitude! The boss now the subordinate of his former subordinate. He took it without iota of hesitation, a rare inborn trait not possess by many deposed leaders of such a chair. He gladly and cheerfully congratulated the new chairman right away, this is like a father bowing to his crown son !

Malam Shitu S. Shitu really deserves commendation and thanks for showing this courage and examplary leadership style to the to come disposd leaders. You tought doggedness and leave behind a legacy that similar degraded leaders must emulate for them to have their names written in gold in history as yours alredy found a place for that. You are like no other sir !!!

The History of Katsina state APC chairmanship will be incomplete without making reference to the life span of your tenure as chairman. The party witnessed no tumol or faction rather it recorded unprecedented iniatiations and progresses during your time and we are optimistic that you will put in your best and vast experience in assisting the incumbent party chairman to achieve more, as his success is equally yours, being your subordinate before.

This is Malam Shitu S. Shitu, now the current APC Secretary, the subordinate of his former subordinate, we all commend you for you proved to us beyond doubt that you are a lion.

Musa Bello Galadanchi

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